Premature Neonate Photos

I realised while looking online for a talk I was putting together that it is quite difficult to find photos of premature neonates that are free to re-use. In the spirit of open-access, here are photos I took myself, of my own kids (with my permission 🙂 ) when they were 32/40 gestation in NICU. Several are when they were intubated and/or on CPAP, and some are under photo-therapy lamps hence the blue tint.

You are free to re-use these photos under a CC0 licence, that is for any purpose and without requiring acknowledgement of the source (although it would be nice to know if you used them somewhere!).

I150927-2 150927-3 IMG_2450 IMG_2467 IMG_2468 IMG_2492 IMG_2524150927-1 image-0be6af17b767bf465139e6dd0a58f7194012b0e3505e60987f7872567725d842-V image-0d43ab055cfddc481f4ba928fc44a0d5ffc11cb8db48ed29f185fc8070cc44b3-V image-45a74f21f14b13f2ab903e5b91f08203091d710f74c2e6dd38d1354d4b1d4412-V image-54d2cf08176b1a4f7622c672b0d7c1af387559f97cc63ac6f564a0d91919acbf-V image-064eb27eeb0970d66f60c9842624951d44aedf48f0b83394c9b69a4f8d3ae276-Vimage-906ce89cba14bf01f8fe0c0b996e12aed1484b8756b96247a1ae4c7d19b91056-V Eoin image-0a53dfa36aa43f51f465d275a6fcc8215f0db4b9884eeaf62bdda52248a42871-V

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