I currently provide education and research consultancy support to a select number of clients, including government sector organisations, worldwide.

I am available to provide consultancy services on a contract or per-project basis. I have education, certifications and a proven track record in areas such as clinical care provision, clinical governance and clinical investigations, instructor development, curriculum development, simulation programme design and implementation, clinical development project management and eLearning module design and implementation  including LMS management. I am also involved with standards development through my work with the CSA Group.

Consultancy services can be provided on an ad-hoc or continuing basis, on-site or via distance delivery. Short to medium-term on-site consultancy can be facilitated. I also have access to a dedicated, highly-qualified team of clinical and education colleagues who can assist in project delivery on varied topics including search and rescue, urban rescue, education design, course delivery, operational management and more.

No project is too big!

Please contact me if you’d like to enquire about engaging my services as a consultant. Excellent references from former and current clients can be provided if required.