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About abc

ABC is a group of experienced colleagues and assistants, who specialise in supporting clients worldwide in relation to education, research, policy, and governance activities. These clients include regulatory bodies, paramedic services, healthcare organisations, accreditation groups, professional associations, and higher education institutions. We collaborate with others for specialised and large-scale projects.

We offer consulting services across education, research, policy, and governance activities.


  • competency framework development
  • curriculum design
  • program evaluation
  • project management
  • education roadmaps
  • equivalency and overseas qualifications


  • evidence appraisal
  • literature reviews
  • ethics applications
  • grant applications
  • report writing
  • manuscripts, oral and poster presentations
  • landscape reviews
  • conduct of quantitative, qualitative and mixed-methods studies
  • project management

Policy and strategy

  • policy and procedure development
  • policy and procedure review
  • benchmark exercises
  • process mapping
  • service design and delivery
  • needs assessments
  • implementation guidance
  • project management


  • clinical guideline development
  • clinical investigations
  • clinical governance structures
  • advanced practice roles
  • standards compliance
  • scope of practice reviews
  • project management

Current and former clients and collaborations

  • Ontario Health, ON, Canada.
  • Nous Group, BC, Canada.
  • LeaderTonic Solutions Inc., BC, Canada.
  • Stonecastle Inc., BC, Canada.
  • KPMG, Canada.
  • Healthcare Excellence Canada, ON, Canada.
  • Chinese EQUATOR Centre, Hong Kong, China.
  • Government of Canada, First Nations and Inuit Health Branch, ON, Canada.
  • Palliative Institute, Covenant Health, AB, Canada.
  • Columbia Paramedic Academy, BC, Canada.
  • Monash University, VIC, Australia.
  • Paramedic Association of Canada, ON, Canada.
  • CSA Group, ON, Canada.
  • Charles Sturt University, NSW, Australia.
  • Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council, Ireland.
  • County of Renfrew Paramedic Service, ON, Canada.
  • British Columbia Emergency Health Services, BC, Canada.
  • Justice Institute of British Columbia, BC, Canada.
  • Resuscitation Group, WA, USA.
  • National Ambulance LLC, United Arab Emirates.
  • Talisium Group, WA, Australia.

Examples of consulting outputs

Contact details:

Phone: +1-705-201-2182
Fax: +1-705-400-8345