Paramedicine is a domain of practice and health profession that specialises in the provision of health and social care across a range of settings including, but not limited to, emergency and primary care. Paramedics work in a variety of clinical settings such as paramedics services, hospitals, and clinics, in the community as well as non-clinical roles, such as education, leadership, policy work, public health and research. A previous competency framework for paramedics in Canada had become increasingly poorly aligned with contemporary practice. We sought to develop a competency framework that represents contemporary paramedic practice in Canada. Methods: This project was guided by a conceptual framework informed by systems thinking and used a six-step model for developing competency frameworks. We engaged paramedics from across Canada in working groups to explore various contexts of paramedic practice. We gathered data using multiple methods and coded this data into activity statements. We grouped these statements and developed or expanded corresponding professional activities through five drafts of the framework from 2022 to 2024. A technical committee reviewed and edited the draft framework throughout the process, culminating in a public review period from January to March 2024, and a subsequent final version of the National Competency Framework for Paramedics (NCFP). Results: The National Competency Framework for Paramedics reflects contemporary paramedic practice in Canada. It describes the professional activities of paramedics organised under five domains – Person-Centred Care; Collaborative Care; Safe Care; Self-Care; and Professional Care. Paramedics perform these activities across multiple contexts of practice by enacting a variety of roles depending on the event. Discussion and conclusion: By exploring the variety of practice contexts and the expectations of paramedics across Canada, the NCFP provides a holistic, contemporary description of paramedic practice in Canada, providing a foundation for professional practice in a variety of settings. The five domains provide a comprehensive representation of paramedic practice helping to ensure care is ultimately and sufficiently aligned with the needs of the community and settings in which paramedics can practice. The NCFP can be used to inform education programs to better prepare paramedics for complex, interprofessional health and social care practice now and as practice continues to evolve.