This post, and it’s accompanying post for A&P II are designed as a repository for resources used when teaching A&P to paramedic students. At Fanshawe College we use an entirely flipped curriculum, and use class time to complete learning activities that help to reinforce learning. These activities are also outlined in the various sections below. The online component of the course provides access to a wide range of self-directed resources, including podcasts, videos, crosswords, quizzes, flashcards, and PowerPoint presentations. Shared here are the links to these resources, and some of my own created or derivative works. You are free to use these items within the terms of their original licence, and you are free to use materials created by me under a Creative Commons BY-NC 4.0 licence (

Free Software:

BioDigital Human – (available as Chrome Web App, iOS, Android etc.)


Free Anatomy & Physiology Textbook

OpenStax College: Free resources for instructors available (PowerPoint slides etc.)

FOAM resources

Anatomy for Emergency Medicine – a fanstastic resource by fellow Irishman Andy O’Neill

Once Upon a Time Life Series (covers all systems)

Introduction to Body Systems

Cellular Anatomy & Physiology

Online resource:

Integumentary System

Respiratory System



Nervous System

Cranial nerves drawing PowerPoint
Exam Cranial Nerves
Handout Cranial Nerves

Cardiac Anatomy


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