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Dissertation writing tools and workflow

Now that my Master’s dissertation is done and submitted (and on its way to a decent mark hopefully!), I’ve been thinking about how my writing workflow has changed so much over the past few years to what is now a pretty organised, logical process that just makes sense. This is due in no small part…

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EMS Gathering 2016 Posters

Below are photos of the posters presented at the 2016 EMS Gathering in-situ at the event. Well done to all presenters!  

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Fanshawe Research & Innovation Day

I had the pleasure of seeing some of my students who are in 2nd year present their research projects at the Annual Fanshawe Research and Innovation Day (RID) held today in Fanshawe College. Well done to Paige, Mike, Jordan, Kelly, Brendan and Will!

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On open access…

I made a big decision this week. It will likely have little impact on the world as a whole, but the principle, if followed by all who publish scientific articles, would change the landscape of academia forever. I’ve decided to publish open-access where at all possible going forward. Julia Belluz wrote an article back at…

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Academic Nursery Rhymes and Fairytales

Imagine if nursery rhymes and fairytales had been published in academic journals? How different they would be! This is a bit of fun, but with a serious motive… improved research literacy! A good groupwork activity is to ask students to design an abstract or poster for a nursery rhyme or children’s fairytale, and then present it…

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EMS Research Summit 2016

I’m delighted and honoured to have been selected to attend the Fisdap EMS Research Summit 2016, being held in Minneapolis, Minnesota in February. I’m also extremely honoured to have been awarded funding to attend the summit by the National Association of EMS Educators. Once a year, Fisdap hosts the EMS Research Summit, a workshop that attracts EMS…

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