Today I received my PhD cartoon from Ashleigh NeillĀ of PhD Cartoons, and it is awesome! In our scoping review of competency framework development processes (pre-print here: we highlighted the risk that flawed development processes might lead to the creation of illegitimate or uncertain “false-god” competency frameworks. These frameworks appear legitimate, but contain artificial or uncertain outcomes, and are then inappropriately worshipped or admired in that they influence policy, assessment etc.

Ashleigh took this rather abstract concept and created this cartoon which depicts tourists (downstream processes such as policy and assessment) worshipping and admiring a cardboard cutout of Asclepius (who represents a competency framework), yet they do not realise it is a cutout, and is therefore illegitimate or artificial. It’s great to see a concept make it from my head to a visual interpretation on paper! Great work Ashleigh, I’m very pleased with it and everyone who has seen it so far has been impressed!