Integrating patient safety and quality education in Fanshawe

Did you know that we recently integrated several Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School courses on patient safety and quality care into the paramedic curriculum at Fanshawe College? We’re the first paramedic program to do so! A number of courses were directly embedded as a component of the syllabus for the Professional Issues in Paramedicine subject.

  • PS101: Introduction to Patient Safety
  • PS103: Human Factors and Safety
  • PS104: Teamwork and Communication in a Culture of Safety
  • PS105: Responding to Adverse Events
  • TA101: Introduction to Triple Aim for Populations
  • QI101: Introduction to Health Care Improvement
  • L101: Introduction to Health Care Leadership
  • PFC101: Introduction to Person- and Family-Centered Care

List of IHI Open School courses embedded in PARA3006: Professional Issues subject.

To date 41 second year paramedic students have been awarded the IHI Basic Certificate in Quality & Safety in Healthcare – an achievement I am very proud of! Well done to all students!

Look at all those beautiful certificates…

We have an upcoming article in Canadian Paramedicine which outlines the process we undertook to integrate the courses, and perspectives of both faculty and students on the exercise.

If you’re interested in integrating the certificate or any of the courses, check out this useful faculty guide published by the IHI:

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