EMS Research Summit 2016

I’m delighted and honoured to have been selected to attend the Fisdap EMS Research Summit 2016, being held in Minneapolis, Minnesota in February. I’m also extremely honoured to have been awarded funding to attend the summit by the National Association of EMS Educators.

Once a year, Fisdap hosts the EMS Research Summit, a workshop that attracts EMS educators from around the country. For two days, educators immerse themselves in a focused research project.

The Research Summit has two primary goals:

  1. To teach EMS educators how to conduct valid educational research.
  2. To facilitate research plans and apply real Fisdap data to hypotheses, so that participants leave with a working, nearly finished research abstract.

Participants are provided with the opportunity to work on a team with peer researchers, Fisdap’s computer programmers, statisticians, and medical directors. For most teams, the outcome is a research abstract that can be submitted for consideration to the Prehospital Care Research Forum at NAEMSE.

I’m looking forward to learning lots from experienced educators and researchers such as David Page, and can’t wait to attend!

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